MMS Media Management Services – objective, transparent & independent

Media Management Services (MMS) is a consultancy founded by Media Analyst Dawn Schiller.

The focus of her palette of Services is the Media-Investment-Check.
This Tool identifies inefficiencies in your Advertising campaign, optimizes your Investment and most importantly, increases Sales.

The critical Issue for every Manager

Every marketing manager spends many weeks of hard work reviewing creative ideas, meeting media planners and budgeting media investment. The Goal should be increased Brand performance and Sales. Experience however shows, that most campaigns are over-invested due to incorrect assumptions about costs and performance during media planning, which lead to less then optimum results. Even small budgets can be effected.

MMS - Spending good money for poor results!

The Analysis

Want to know how your Media Investment can be improved and your Sales optimized?
The Media-Investment-Check audits the performance of your Campaign from beginning to end.

Solutions which bring immediate results

The Media-Investment-Check delivers an independent, empirical evaluation of your campaigns bringing you the right Data and key Benchmarks so you can make informed decisions about your media planning.

MMS – Our independence guarantees Objectivity and Transparence.

The core to effective Media Management is Independence. Analyst Dawn Schiller is first and foremost committed to your interests and concerns regarding planning costs and resulting Sales.


MMS guaranties:

✔   Transparent Calculations,

✔   no anonymous Spending Pools,

✔   no questionable Bonus schemes,

✔   Solutions you can use tomorrow.

Our Analysis offers:

  • an independent Perspective
  • transparent calculations
  • immediate, executable solutions

The Media-Investment-Check can identify precisely when your advertising campaign no longer reaches your consumers yet costs you more investment. Want to learn more how your campaign can become more cost-benefit efficient?

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